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Nerdy Girl Approved was created to support great books, movies, television shows, podcasts, and more with our official seal of approval. We specialize in publishing books written for and by other nerdy girls, but want to also review all things pop culture that we think our followers will like. Share your favorite nerdy things with us on social media or use our submissions tool if you have your own story to tell. 



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Cynthia Blake has it all…


Flavors of the Month by Penny McLean

As a successful business woman who owns a chain of ice cream shops in Scottsdale, Arizona, she knows life couldn't be much sweeter. But when a drunken birthday realization turns into the plan of a lifetime, Cynthia announces she'll date one man a month for the next year and then marry one of them at the end of it all. In this introductory book to the Flavors of the Month series, Cynthia quickly learns just how complicated life and love can get. Has the perfect flavor been right in front of her all along?


Cynthia Blake is a woman with a plan…

…or is she?

Proposal in Paris by Penny McLean

After deciding to spend 2016 dating one man each month, a New Year's Eve confession, a few months of dating, and an old rival may have derailed her big idea. She’s always dreamed of being proposed to in Paris, but will anyone be there to ask? One thing's for sure: it's going to be one heck of a year.





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Penny McLean

Penny McLean is an Arizona native novelist who brings the heat of the desert into her writing. With her debut novels, the Flavors of the Month trilogy, McLean has shown her flair for sexy, funny, and romantic storytelling. McLean is thrilled to be the first author published under the Nerdy Girl Approved brand and looks forward to sharing her work with the world.


Shana Schwarz, President, Nerdy Girl Approved

Shana Schwarz is a publisher, editor, and philanthropist with nearly two decades of experience in the media and entertainment field. As a former movie critic, magazine writer, and journalist in the Phoenix metro area, she has both covered and been a part of the Arizona Arts scene since moving her ten years ago. Recently named part of Who’s Next by the Arizona Republic for emerging artists, a Beth MacDonald Woman of the Year finalist, and the Phoenix New Times Best Trivia Night hostess, Schwarz is excited to officially launch her Nerdy Girl Approved brand.