The doing of the thing...

One of my favorite Amy Poehler quotes (of which there are many) goes something like this: “You do it because the doing of it is the thing. The doing is the thing. The talking and worrying and thinking is not the thing.” It’s from her book Yes, Please, which you should read if you have not. It is most definitely Nerdy Girl Approved.

So with Amy’s words in mind, I have decided to pull the trigger and post both of my Flavors of the Month books for sale. I finished writing them last year and have gone back and forth with what to do with them. Do I self-publish and just get them out into the world? Do I try to go the traditional route and find myself an agent and a publisher? Do I put them away for a bit and revisit them down the road?

I’ve been close to signing with an agent, but trying to sell someone on a book series as a new author is…tough. And I get it. They have to believe in me for not just one book, but possibly two or three depending on how I edit. I’ve gotten great feedback on them and know that if I could have edited them down into one book, I’d have an agent by now. But in cutting content, I lost so much of the richness of the story that I loved.

Editing sessions turned into headaches and tears, which writing NEVER has been for me. Writing these books was an absolute joy; the words flowed from my brain and I loved every minute of it. I listened to a podcast last night where Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love) talked about finishing her most famous work, which ended up on the bestseller list for several years. As much as the success was wonderful, she said she never felt as good as she did when she finished writing it. I recognized that feeling in myself immediately and knew in my heart that it is time to release my stories into the world. No one will ever believe in these books like I do. I have stories inside of me that still need to be written and one of those will be the one that I find an agent with. I have no doubt. But this story is mine and it’s time to let Cynthia fly.

I’ve got a bit of formatting to do, but they will be up soon for pre-order as Flavors of the Month and the sequel Proposal in Paris. I hope you love them as much as I do, but either way, it’s enough talking about the thing. It’s time to do the thing. Thanks Amy and Elizabeth, for this and so much else.

Shana Schwarz